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Qianhong Goji berry source
Qianhong Goji berry source
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<Inherit thousands of years of TCM health treasures and transmit Qianhong Bio-pharma Health Concept >
Chinese Goji berry is a traditional health care good product in China. Qianhong people use rigorous pharmaceutical concepts and strict quality control to make Chinese Goji berry glow with new vitality! "Qianhong Goji berry source" fresh Goji berry puree sounded the "charge" of Qianhong group to enter the big health industry!
The high-quality Goji berry from Zhongning, a gold producing area in Ningxia, is selected. It can be completed in 6 hours from field picking, cleaning, wall breaking, homogenization, aseptic canning, etc., to the magnificent transformation of a bottle of Qianhong Goji berry source fresh Chinese Goji berry puree, which fully maintains the nutritional value of Goji berry, and is more convenient to use and faster to absorb!
"Savor your health and nourish your body and mind" is our long-cherished wish.

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