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CQ has established Qualified Person(QP) system. QP leads independent quality control and quality assurance department to carry out quality management work. CQ has established well-developed four-leveled quality-monitoring network.

CQ-strictly follows the GMP requirement to accomplilsh standardized and procedural management and control of purchasing, storage, transportation, manufacturing, analysis, sales and sales service.CQ has established a set of enterprise standards and system to ensure production and business operations under controlled conditions in an orderly manner.

CQ has QC labs for generous purposes, such as chemical and biological analysis, spectrum analysis, optical detection and microbial assay, etc.The labs are equipped with, various advanced apparatus, such as HPLC, GC, atomic absorption spectrophotometer,ultraviolet visible spectrophotometer, polarimeter, smart dissolution tester, coagulation analyzer, potentiometric titration, bacterial endotoxin analyzer, PCR analyzer etc. All the above guarantee the testing and quality control of the products against a variety of specification.

Products for export, such as Heparin Sodium(Calcium), LMW Heparin Sodium(Calcium) and Asparaginase are tested against international specifications,which ensures that the product quality meet the requirement of customers.

All heparin crude are purchased from qualified suppliers with good traceability.CQ has carried out PCR test and SAX-HPLC test for every batch of heparin crude to ensure the quality.

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