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International Institute of innovative drugs
Taking Jiangsu ZonHon Biopharma Institute, Inc as the main body,to be specialized in innovative drug research.
Transformation research center for industrialization of research achievements
Taking Jiangsu (Qianhong) Bio-Pharma Engineering Research Center as the main body, to focus on innovative drug docking engineering and transformation research for industrialization of research achievements.
Product technology research team
Taking frontline production team as the main body, to make continuous technological innovation and quality upgrading of existing key products, to ensure that the company's core products are at domestic leading level and with a strong competitive force.
Establishment of national biopharmaceutical incubator
Based on above research platform, by integrateion of technology resources of large institutes at home and abroad, to establish "Changzhou Qianhong international biomedical incubator of innovative drugs", which is the core platform of innovative drug research, achievement transformation and industrialization in Changzhou biopharmaceutical industry park.
Listed as the major special project of Science and Technology for “major new drug development” in the National Twelfth Five-year Plan by Ministry of Science and Technology.
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